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DC Families
Covid Safer Schools

Common Sense Solutions to Protect Our Families NOW!

Let's work together to make our schools a safe place to learn and grow.

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Student With Face Mask

Areas of Focus

We are working on the following areas to create safer school environments for all DC students and teachers.

Covid Testing

Caring Child

Increase reliable testing for all to provide a safer environment for students. 

Safer Meal Times

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Students and staff are most at risk when masks are not worn. Specifically meal times offer opportunities for solutions which can keep everyone safer. 

Ventilation & Filtration

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Common sense, comprehensive protocols that limit the risk of exposure for all families. 

Transparent Covid Data Reporting 

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Parents and families need clear, concise data so they can stay informed, weigh their risks, and make their own decisions.

Quarantine Protocols

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Families should have a clear understanding of when to stay home.

Distancing & Masks

Student With Face Mask

Keeping a proper social distance is essential for safety, especially for our unvaccinated youth. The use of masks with fidelity is their best shot right now. 

Why we joined

REAL parents, teachers and stakeholders share why they have joined this true grassroots movement to demand change for SAFER schools both for in-person and virtual options.

If it is important for children to be vaccinated for MMR, polio and tetanus to attend school, then it would seem appropriate that there would be a virtual option for children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated for Covid-19. I joined DC Families for Covid Safer Schools to advocate for a safer in-person plan and for quality virtual option.

Malcolm Woodland, Ward 5, Parent of two girls under age 12

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