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Our Movement is Family Centric

Connecting Families, Teachers & Community Leaders together to Serve the Children of DC

High Fives

Who We Are

 Common Sense over Politics

We are a group of DC public school families, educators, and community members from all 8 Wards who share DCPS's belief that in-person learning is better for the vast majority of students.


As the Summer of 2021 drew to a close, parents throughout DC looked at the reopening policies from DCPS and charter schools, and individually didn't feel comfortable enough with the plans to trust the health and wellbeing of our children. Many families tried to advocate at their own single schools, and increasingly realized that many schools were doing all they they could, but that the schools and teachers were hamstrung by poor planning and needed more support from DC leadership. Parents found other parents with the same experiences. As more and more parents found we shared similar challenges, we formed this group, DCFCS, to work together across the city.


We recognize the difficult challenges and trade-offs that face a large city public school system. However, we also know that the current plan does not adequately protect students, prevent disruption of learning for in-person students, or empower families. We propose eight specific and achievable changes to address these deficiencies. 


We are parents, teachers and stakeholders volunteering our time to ensure everyone's safety and empower the best education possible for all DC children. We are united in our strong commitment to students, teachers and families in our communities.

Standing up for the sons, daughters, mother, fathers and loved ones in our education system

What Can I Do?

Share your stories! What's happening at your school? What is the difference between what DCPS says they're doing to what is really happening on the ground? Email the Councilmembers and the Mayor. 

Who's the Decision Maker?

In our government structure, the Mayor ALONE can take action to make all schools safer, make changes to the current rules and STOP the attack on students, teachers and families!

Our Councilmembers can support parents and families with Emergency Legislation to address the shortcomings in school safety measures to offer SAFER schools for students, teachers and their families. 

Add your voice

​We are incredibly honored to be connecting families from all 8 wards. In an effort to continue to build capacity and on the ground experiences, we especially want to connect with more families. Please join us!!

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