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Safer Meal Times

Safer Meal Times

The current plan permits indoor eating and provides insufficient funds or resources to support outdoor meals.  As a result, at many schools, kids will eat indoors -- breakfast, lunch and snacks. Some will eat in classrooms, others in cafeterias. They will be unmasked with 20-60 other unmasked kids, and if they’re in the cafeteria they’ll also be breathing in air from other groups that were there before them. We know Delta spreads far and quickly indoors. The plan should require that kids eat outside, and DCPS needs to provide the resources and support to make this possible at every school.  Multiple stakeholders stand ready to assist with creative, flexible and quickly achievable solutions to make this work and only a DCPS mandate will prevent the inequitable situation that currently exists: schools with more families with more personal resources are eating outside, while schools with more needs are forced to make due with inadequate resources and students are eating inside.

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