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We Need YOU!!
Take Action

Here's how you can help the effort to protect students, families and teachers!

Megaphone Protestor

Get Involved!!!

●      Sign this petition to give all families a virtual option (

●      Send an email to Local Leadership: the Mayor, Chancellor, OSSE, DC Board of Education, DC Council Members, Department of Health, Washington Teacher’s Union 

○      Sample email here:

●      Post on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor, etc); tag Local Leadership and use #SaferIPL4DCPS and #DCPSVirtualOption

●      Join us! Email or to join DC Families for COVID-Safer Schools, a growing group of 150+ parents and community members from all over DC, who are asking for 1) a safer in-person learning plan and 2) a virtual learning option for all interested families (with no medical waiver required).

Standing up for the sons, daughters, mother, fathers and loved ones in our education system

What Can I Do?

Share your stories! What's happening at your school? What is the difference between what DCPS says they're doing to what is really happening on the ground? Email the Councilmembers and the Mayor. 

Who's the Decision Maker?

In our government structure, the Mayor ALONE can take action to make all schools safer, make changes to the current rules and STOP the attack on students, teachers and families!

Look at what we've already done:

Add your voice

​We are incredibly honored to be connecting families from all 8 wards. In an effort to continue to build capacity and on the ground experiences, we especially want to connect with more families.

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